Wooden watch: It is made of pure natural wood, and its unique wood texture is deeply loved by the people.

Advantage: lightweight, hypoallergeni, eco-friendly.

Stainless steel watch

Stainless steel watch: made of 316L steel or 304 steel, the color of the steel can be vacuum electroplated to black, gold, blue, etc.

Advantage: very strong corrosion resistance, very good texture.

Mechanical watches

We generally use Miyota 8215, Seiko NH35 or Seagull mechanical movements.

Advantage: fine craftsmanship, fashion.

Alloy watches

Compared with the alloy watches on the market, our alloy watches are exquisite in workmanship.

Our alloy watch: well polished, and vacuum plating is used.

Plastic watches

The plastic watch is very light, the watchband and the dial can be customized with patterns.

Advantage: cheap price, can be used as a promotional watch.


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